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Logging Into the Tel-One Web Portal

Most basic Voicemail functions can be accessed via your Tel-One VoIP phone. However, more complex features like downloading recordings and setting up Follow me queues can only be done on line. In addition, people who get large numbers of emails might find it more convenient to manage them online.

Logging in

To access your Tel-One web portal, go to: (Replace the ”XXXXXX” with your customer designation – this will be provided to you in your Welcome email from Voice Carrier, or can be gotten from your company Administrator).

→ Tip:  If you are on your own computer, check the Remember Password box for instant access to the user portal the next time you visit.

Changing your Password

We recommend that you change your Tel-One extension password immediately. To do this, select Settings in the left side menu and enter your new password twice in the password interaction. (Don't forget to click Update below to save the change.)

If you forget your password, open a support ticket at our:  Support Portal  for assistance.