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How to use Virtual Faxing

Faxing Tutorial

Once your vFax system has been set up, there are only a few more steps you have to take before you can use vFax. Before you start, you will need the following:

a web browser connected to the Internet the email address of your admin account (as given to the Tel-One representative who set up your vFax system)

a “test” fax file in postscript (.ps), PDF (.pdf), TIFF (.tif), or Plain Text (.txt) formata fax machine to send a test fax to (you can send a fax to any fax machine with a working fax number).

To get your vFax password:

In your web browser’s address bar, enter https:///fax/index.php (Please replace with the URL that was given to you by your technical support representative) 

You should then see the vFax portal entry page



Enter your admin email address, and click the “Send Password” button. Your new vFax password will be sent to this email account shortly.

Once you’ve received your new password, you can proceed to sending and getting faxes. 

Test your new vFax by following the steps below, using your test fax and test destination number.

To send a vFax:Go to the vFax portal, at https:///fax/index.php (Please replace with the URL that was given to you by your technical support representative).


Log in using your username (“admin”) and the password sent to your admin account. You will see the Tel-One  vFax interaction.


To send a vFax:Click “Send Fax” in the top menu You will see the Send Fax interaction 

  • Enter the number of the destination fax machine. 
  • To enter multiple numbers, separate them with a semicolon, for example: 4155551212; 2125558648
  • Select the files you wish to fax by clicking on the “Browse” button next to “Select the files to FAX”. 
  • Tel-One  vFax currently supports .ps, txt, tif, pdfand formats.Uncheck the box next to "Use cover page:"Click on the "Send" button.
To receive a vFax

You can also receive faxes using the Voice Carrier system. Your Tel-One account can be configured with a virtual fax number. Faxes sent to this number will be converted to PDF and sent as an attachment to up to three specified email addresses. 

Contact your technical support representative to discuss this option.