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Bandwidth Requirements Needed to use Tel-One Calling Cloud

Because VoIP uses your Internet connection to send and receive voice phone calls, your office will only be able to make and recieve as many outside calls at one time as your Internet connection can support (the number of calls you can make at one time is the same as the number of outside lines you have ordered to go with your VoIP service).

If your office's connection doesn't have enough bandwidth (data speed), calls will have decreased voice quality, and some users may not be able to get an outside dial tone.


To test your bandwidth, from a networked computer in your office, and click the Begin Test button. The test will take a few moments to run. Results will appear in the connection summary.


What Does This Test Do?


The VoIP quality test evaluates your bandwidth and network connection to determine the number of VoIP calls your system can support from your location. It is performed via a website browser, and is set up as a 'self-test' process that simulates running multiple full duplex audio calls (audio in and out) in order to measure the key factors affecting VoIP call quality – jitter,packet loss, and loss distribution.


Please Note: If you have a lot of users using bandwidth hungry applications like streaming video on your network, this will also impact the results of this test. Call quality and reliability for VoIP are extremely dependant on having sufficient bandwidth and a reliable Internet connection. Also, if the router has application and / or bandwidth QoS (quality of service) prioritization enabled, and VoIP protocols (SIP) are either not prioritized, or low on the list, this will negatively impact the results as the number of concurrent calls increase on the same bandwidth pipe.


See Sample Test Results : Please Note at the end of test click on Advance then on View Text save text and upload to your support ticket