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Touch-tone dialing problems

If the rare case you experience keypad “touch-tone” (DTMF*) problems with your phones, Go to our Tel-One Support Portal to open a ticket

Problem scenarios include:

  • Your inbound callers complain they enter a key from your auto attendant menu and nothing happens, or When dialing into other automated phone systems, the key tones you press are not recognized (nothing happens), 

  • the PBX tells you it did not understand your request (in this case let us know the dialed number), or The “length” of the tone you press is too short,  

  • When dialing into your Tel-One voice mailbox: 

  • The system does not wait for a DTMF reply when entering *97 or *98, or Mailbox accepts the first reply and then drops the call or ignores the second or third replies.

* DTMF stands for Dual Tone Multi-Frequency signaling, fancy telephone talk for the “tones” emitted when you press a key from the dialpad.