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Three-Way Calling

Tel-One phone systems support three-way calling.

To create a three-way call, start with an ordinary two-way call, and then add a third party using one of the methods described below.

→ Tip: Three-way calls can include outside numbers, but every outside number will need its own outside line. If you are on a three-way call with two outside numbers, you will be taking up two outside lines.

→ Tip: It is possible to daisychain three-way calls to include more than three parties. However, as the number of parties on the line goes up, the call quality may go down. For large conference calls, we suggest you use the Tel-One Conference Bridge.

→ Tip: If you originated a three-way call, and you hang up, both other parties will be disconected.

Creating a Three-way Call Using a VoIP (SIP) Phone

The SIP phones provided by Tel-One have a Conf key, either as a dedicated button or as a soft key.

If your phone has a Conf soft key, a button associated with your phone's display will be labeled "Conf" when you are on a call.

The button may be labeled something else at other times.

To initiate a three-way call:

Press the Conf key Call the third party’s extension or phone number

When the third party picks up, the three-way call will be established.

Some phones may also include a soft key labeled Split.

Using this key during a three-way call will put the two other parties on two separate lines, and let you switch back and forth between them.

Press Conf again to recreate the three-way call.