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Screening Incoming Calls

Your Tel-One system can be set up to play back the name of an incoming caller when you answer a call. 

Once you hear the name, you will then be given four choices:

  • Press 1 to immediately accept the call 
  • Press 2 to send the caller straight to your extension’s voicemail 
  • Press 3 to send the caller to the “torture” menu (they will hear silence for 5 minutes)
  • Press 4 to play a polite “don’t call” message (“this number is not in service”).

The screening feature can only be enabled via the Tel-One web portal.

To set up call screening:

  • Log into your Tel-One web portal,
  • Select Phone Features in the left-side menu 
  • In the Call Screening pull down menu, select either Disable, Memory, or No Memory 
  • If you select Memory, callers will be asked to say their name the first time a call is received from that number, and the same name will be played back every time a call comes in from that number 
  • If you select No Memory, callers will be asked to say their name every time they call. 
  • Click the Update button to save your changes.

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