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Transferring In-Progress Calls

In-progress calls can be transferred at any time to another extension, to an outside phone number, or directly to a voicemail box. 

You can also transfer calls from a mobile phone, if the call was forwarded from within your Tel-One system.

To Transfer a Call to Another Extension or Outside Number

  • While the call is in progress, press the Transfer button (or the Tran soft key on the phone’s display screen) 
  • Key in the extension or full phone number of the phone you are transferring to, followed by the # key. 
  • Press the Transfer key again to send the caller onto the destination number (a “blind” transfer). Or, remain on the line for “warm” transfer options: 
  • The destination phone will ring. You can at that point talk with the person who answers, for example to tell then the name of the caller waiting to be transferred 
  •  Press the Transfer key again to complete the transfer.
  • If the the destination number doesn’t pick up, or declines the transfer, press the Cancel key to abort the transfer and return back to the original caller 
  • (the original caller may then be on hold - take them off hold to continue the call).

Call transfer from your mobile phone

  • If your mobile receives a Follow-me call via the Tel-One system, you can transfer it by pressing ##
  • You will be prompted with “Transfer”.
  • Key in the extension or outside number you want to transfer the call to, followed by the # key.

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