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Recording Phone Calls

Each extension can be enabled for Call Recording. 

Set up can be made from the Administrator's PBX or by the extension owner from their User Portal. 

Three settings are available, for incoming or outgoing calls:

  • Always” to record all calls automatically “On-Demand,” 
  • Where the user would press *1 to start the recording
  • Never" record calls on this extension


To play back a recorded call, the user logs into their User Portal. 

From the Call Monitor section, the user can:

Click to Play the recording, or Download the .wav file


Please note: 

Download the .wav file to your computer to save important conversations (a 10 minute call will download to a 9MB .wav file).

Tel-One will store approximately 2,000 MB of your company PBX's most recent recordings, however, the number of days can be affected by recording load, PBX capacity, and other factors.