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Routing Calls using Follow Me

Tel-One's "Follow me" lets you route a call to several different numbers. 

The extension being called will ring first, then the call will be sent to the other numbers as specified. Any number (including a mobile or home number) can be included in a Follow me list.

To set up Follow me routing, first log into your Tel-One user portal and select Follow Me.


Check Enable to activate Follow me. Your extension (1803 in this example) will be listed first. 

Type in other extensions and/or phone numbers, each on their own line. End the last number with a hash mark - #

Select how long your extension phone should ring before call is routed on.

→ Tip: Most ring cycles are four seconds. To make sure the extension number rings at least once before the call is forwarded, set this number to greater than four. Select how long the other numbers in the list will ring. (the original extension’s phone will continue ringing as well).

→ Tip: Set the Follow me list's ring time to less than 16 seconds to prevent the call from going to voicemail or an answering machine. (Optional) Click Use Confirmation to screen callers! Your caller will be asked to say his or her name.

When you answer the ringing phone, you’ll hear the name, and have the option to:

  • Press 1 to accept the call 
  • Press 2 to send the caller straight to your extension’s voicemail box 
  • Press 3 to send the caller to the “torture” menu (they will hear silence for 5 minutes)
  • Press 4 to play a polite “don’t call” message (“this number is not in service”).

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