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Email-to-Fax Service

To send a fax using our Email-to-Fax service simply send an email using the following parameters. Email-to-Fax supports up to 5 attachments.

Attachments may be sent in JPG, PDF, Adobe PostScript, TIFF, Microsoft Word, Excel, CSV, HTML & Plain Text formats.

To: <10_digit_number>@emailyourfax.com
From: authorized@email_address.com
Subject: <Your vFax DID number; 10 digits only> (You may now add 'cover page' to the subject line to have our system utilize the email body as a cover page)
Body: <blank>

Upon submission our system will reply with a confirmation or rejection notice.

New faxes sent with this service will be displayed on the vFax Service page within the customer user portal with their current status.